Hypothesis on how to treat Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease

This is my hypothesis on how to treat and prevent EGID, based on stuff I have read in the biomedical literature.

1. Create an anti-inflammatory environment.

  • Adding helminths back to the intestines. We evolved wtih them over thousands of years and it’s only in the last century they have been removed. They activate Treg cells, calm dendritic cells, and stimulate alternatively activated macrophages.
  • Adding in probiotics. Perhaps even fecal transplant if good donor could be found. Also including consuming organic soil. Plenty of research showing difference in gut flora of those fed formula vs. breastfed, and the differences in allergy between the two populations. Also research showing antibiotics weaken the immune system via the inflammasome. And exposure to dirt prevents allergy, while clean living leads to allergy.
  • Adequate Vitamin D levels.  Vitman D affects every cell in our bodies and plenty in the literature to show it has a profound effect on the immune system.  Along with excessive hygiene, we are spending too much time inside.
  • Eliminating allergic triggers.  This would include going on an allergy elimination diet (if you were able to identify the triggers), elemental formula, allergen coverings on mattresses/pillows.  Any way it would be possible to get to  a baseline of lowering inflammation
  • Omega 6: omega 3 balance.  Finding a more evolutionary friendly balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fats, along with getting sufficient fats in the diet.
  • Eliminating carbs.  Especially high fructose corn syrup, which is inflammatory.  If possible either a paleo, SCD or GAPS diet.
  • Adequate sleep.  Sleep deprivation is pro-inflammatory. Excess light at night blocks melatonin production, so turning out the lights or wearing blue-blocking glasses would be one way to help this.  A melatonin supplement might be tried.
  • Stress reduction.  Stress will add to the inflammatory burden.  Stress has been shown to affect white blood cells, for example natural killer cells.  The best thing is to avoid stressful situations.  For the youngsters, this might mean homeschooling.  For adults, it might mean going on disability.  Adding in fun is also important.  Healing touch.  These things are underestimated in medicine.

2. Immunotherapy for allergic sensitization.

  • Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is the most gentle and safe form of allergen immunotherapy that has proven efficacy.  Good for seasonal allergies.  For foods, can bring people to a level where they can tolerate exposures to foods while sometimes falling short of functional tolerance.
  • Oral immunotherapy (OIT) would probably best be started after reaching a maintance dose with SLIT. This can get many of the people in the studies to a dose where they can consume the problem food.
  • I do not think subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT or allergy shots) is safe or effective enough for people with EGID.

So I would first address the inflammation, and then the allergies.  In experimental animal models, oral exposure to allergen in the absence of inflammation or an adjuvant leads to tolerance.

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2 Responses to Hypothesis on how to treat Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease

  1. skrumrich says:

    Thank you for your insight. I can corroborate many of your suggestions from my experience in dealing with both a husband and now, a baby (17mos) both of whom have had EE from birth. Husband has only a few food allergies (“officially,” but those tests are prone to changability.)
    They are both vitamin D deficient.

    At this point, the baby’s food allergies are numerous. (24 out of 24 on the first try…) so, he still nurses almost fulltime, however the food I eat effects him greatly. Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Eggs and Peanuts are out. I do my best with the rest, but his symptoms remain. Thankfully, my milk supply is plentiful. We have been able to introduce beef, carrots, zucchini cooked in beef fat or coconut oil. The fat seems to be a main component in keeping the food down. He cannot tolerate fruit at all. It seems that a GAPS type diet is key.

    We have had significant improvement with the addition of omegas and probiotics…(decent probiotics, that is…BIOKULT$$), and GAPS in general IS very effective if you can stand all the cooking. Not an easy cure…lifestyle wise, but effective and unfortunately, there is no other choice. For this dx, the medical world offers, well…meds! We seek to cure. I will not consent to steriods, nsaids, ppi’s, for the baby, until I have exhausted every other option.

    I cannot underestimate the power and consequences of this disease, as it relates to other (perceived) conditions like GERD, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, autoimmunity in general. My husband has suffered greatly in his life with many “conditions” which are proving to be a larger part of EE. He’s even had surgeries related to his digestion, removing organs that sadly were healthy opon further inspection. The docs just didn’t know what else to do with his chronic abdominal pain. Meanwhile, the millions of meds he’s swallowed to try and bandaid the symptoms have further complicated his internal balance. Now that we know the answer has been purging, cleansing and healing…but it’s a long road.

    All the best to you in your research.

    • eosinophile says:

      I’m sorry for all the suffering your family has gone through. So little is known about EGID’s. I meant to include that the babies should only receive foods that their mom ate while pregnant and nursing. They will have already been exposed to the proteins in a safe way, plus mom should have IgG and IgA antibodies against the foods. IgG is passed across the placenta, and in breastmilk I believe also. IgG and probably IgA antibodies help block binding of IgE antibodies, these antibodies are part of oral tolerance.

      My son has IgG and IgA deficinecy, and this could be part of why he is so resistant to treatment.

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