Dirt on the menu

I have had dirt research on my list of things to do. I know it prevents allergy, but can it treat allergy?

According to Anil Patki, dirt is “microbes found in feces and feces-contaminated soil”. Joel Kline shows in his article that dirt is an effective adjuvant to immunotherapy, especially in eosinophilic type inflammation. His group did an experiment where they took bacterial type DNA (CpG) and make mice allergic to OVA (egg protein), which also gave the mice airway eosinophila.

They did 4 weeks of injection immunotherapy with saline, OVA alone, OVA plus CpG, and CpG alone. Then they challenged the mice with inhaled egg protein. The mice not given immunotherapy (saline control) developed lung eosinophila after the challenge. The mice who got OVA + CpG had the best results, greatly reduced lung eosinophils.

Kline also said that this bacterial DNA supressed eotaxin and increased T regulatory cells. Eotaxin is involved in EGID and is also suppressed by Necator Americanus. They have shown that oral immunotherapy also works, but you must use more bacterial DNA.

This gives me hope that people with EGID already sensitized to allergens can become desensitized. The first step would be to increase the exposure to bacteria via probiotics and dirt. The second step would be helminthic replacement therapy. The third would be oral immunotherapy/sublingual immunotherapy. Klein’s research shows that eosinophilic inflammation will not go away by itself, and that immunotherapy against the offending allergen can stop the eosinophilic response.

We are already using probiotics, so I am hoping to find an organic farm to gather some fresh healthy dirt from. I plan for us to actually eat some dirt, and also am going to put it inside jr’s stuffed animals for more exposure. Goodbye excessive hygiene, hello dirt! Yum!

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