Maintenance dose

My son made it to maintenance dose with his allergy drops.  He either just came down with a cold or is getting his first allergy symptoms, sneezing, post-nasal drip, and my friends are all suffering from allergies, tis the season. It’s only been a few days so my money is on a cold.  Other than that he has had no symptoms at all.  The allergy nurse said some people are not yet in remission when they reach the maintenance dose.  Probably why they put the patients on maintenance drops for 3-5 years.  You can’t change the immune system quickly.  Slow and steady to retrain it.  It will be a nice change going from different numbers of vial/drops to one vial/one drop every day.

I just started my course, figuring since we both will be on maintenance for 3-5 years, we might as well do it together. I have 4 vials (my son only had one) because I am allergic to everything airborne.  I can’t wait for the sinus headaches to go away.  But most of all I am doing this for the child I would like to carry next year.  Undergoing immunotherapy during pregnancy causes changes to the immune system that can result in less risk of allergy in the unborn child.  Sure, it sounds crazy to be worried about allergy in my next kid but I don’t want this child to end up with EGID or even mild allergies.  I guess this is going to be quite an experiment, we’ll see if it works.

I was kinda surprised at the taste.  Slightly salty, slightly menthol or alcohol?  And it’s difficult to hold them under the tongue.   What do you do when the saliva starts pooling, are the drops still under the tongue?  The doctor said I could also put them in the space around the teeth.  La Crosse allergy, another place I researched, uses glycerin so the drops can stay put.  From my research, anywhere in the oral mucosa is great and they should be swallowed. Whether they get into my oral lymph nodes or the lymph patches in my intestines, the allergens should still induce tolerance.

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