Allergy treatment update

So my son is in week 3 of sublingual immunotherapy drops for his allergies. So far so good. I haven’t seen any rashes around his mouth or any indication that he is having a problem with the drops. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to hold the drops in his mouth, but his oral tone seems to be improving actually from me just asking him to hold his mouth closed for 3 minutes. The doctor said there are actually more dendritic cells in the space around the teeth than in the sublingual space. Dendritic cells are antigen presenting cells and they take the antigen to the underlying lymph nodes for processing. He said as long as he swallowed the drops instead of spitting them out they should work even if he cannot hold them in his mouth for the full 3 minutes. I asked why the anti-parasite system would be active in the esophagus, because as far as I knew there were no parasites that hung out in the esophagus. He said the esophagus is derived from the respiratory tract in the development of the embryo. So that makes sense because there are parasites that enter the lungs from the bloodstream, so the lung would need defense against parasites. In only 5 more weeks my son will be at the maintenance dose. It’s been much easier than my experience with allergy shots, with giant welts on my arms, and weekly visits to the doctor, what a pain.

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