No progress yet

So my son had a biopsy today.  It seems that his esophagus looks just as bad as it did before, with furrowing and granularity.  The doctor is so good at his job, that when he tells me it looks bad through the scope, the biopsies come out bad.  So the elimination diet based on skin prick results failed.  I knew it would since his blood eosinophils were high.

Today we started sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for my son’s airborne allergies. Perhaps the airborne allergies are causing the esophagus to stay inflamed.  For my research, 1/3 of symptomatic EE patients have symptoms caused by airborne allergies, in addition to foods. My son is well on his way down the atopic march: eczema, food allergies, airborne allergies, asthma.  He doesn’t have asthma yet, so I hope the immunotherapy will prevent it.  It’s great that he can use drops instead of shots, and also sublingual is safer than shots.  It is more logical since it targets the mucosal immune system.

I am going next week to start myself on SLIT.  I did the shots for one year and they really helped my allergies and asthma, but I my arms would double in size despite using antihistamines before the shots.  And I was allergic to almost everything so I had to get multiple injections every time.  I was tired of having giant arms, and I couldn’t reach the maintenance dose.  I recently read that mothers on immunotherapy had a lower chance of having allergic offspring, and since I would like to try for another child in the future, I decided to give up on the shots and try for the drops.

Goodbye antigen-specific T cells, hello Treg cells!

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One Response to No progress yet

  1. EosGirl says:

    Oh, boo. I’m so sorry about the poor results for your son. It sounds like you knew even before the EGD. Hang in there.

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